EXIT Health Privacy Notice Generator

Making it easy to generate simple and useful health privacy notices

For Health Care Providers – The Department of Health and Human Services has released a set of notices that every health care provider and health plan can use. We made it simpler by creating a simple form-based tool to generate web versions of these notices.

For Consumers – Our format simplifies what a consumer needs to understand to compare health privacy plans. By putting the most relevant information first, highlighting quick links, and pushing the boilerplate text to the bottom, we created a more usable design.

Learn more about this system

For a short introduction to our system, the design, and the decisions behind it, check out a short slide deck we have uploaded at SpeakerDeck.com/gage.

System requirements

There are no system requirements for providers! Anyone who wants to make a notice can do so by visiting our generator above and we will then host your notice for you. No technology, systems, or requirements are needed.

If you want to integrate the HTML notice we generate into your own system, you are welcome to do that! Simply download the file shown after you fill out the generator form and host it on your own website. As a quite standard HTML5 page it should work on any webserver.

If you would like to run the entire system (generator and notices) yourself, you will need a webserver capable of PHP (tested with PHP 5.3.28, but should work with any 5.x version). The full release will be available on GitHub within the next two weeks.


These notices are based on model text notices provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services, available here. The icons used in this project are based on the work of Hunor Csaszar, see more of his work at the Noun Project.